We have been working with Government Capital on EV Financing projects for 10 years. We have formed a Division called Synergy Financial that will allow our clients to finance their buses, facilities, EV training, spare parts, and specialized personnel training. Synergy Financial and it's partner Government Capital have a $200,000,000 fund for Electric Transportation projects in California and other States. Municipalities, Universities and Transit agencies can use this fund and spread their payments over 5, 7 and 10 years.

Please contact us if we can be a help with financing of your project. Our uniqueness is size of the fund, the ability to finance vehicles, facilities, and soft costs such as training and maintenance. In addition we can total the entire project cost and spread it over a series of years which expands your budget capability. The fund can be used in conjunction with Federal funding to help with matching funds.

The interest rate is reasonable and this service allows EV projects to be done right without budget cutting that causes lack of training, inadequate facilities, lower vehicle units and untrained personnel.

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