Fuel Cell Technology



Synergy has worked with
over 40 EV Companies

- Electronic Patrol Vehicles
- Electronic Trucks
- Neighborhood Electronic
- Autos and Pickups

- Electronic Industrial Vehicles
- Battery & Hybrid Transit Buses
- Heavy Trucks

If you want:
Power - Performance - Savings, with the ACE Motor By Briggs & Stratton and distributed in all Columbia ParCar vehicles, you'll be amazed on what it can do...

If you want: Energy - Range - Low NOX, stand-a-lone power generation, our Capstone Turbines will provide the power.

If you want: Cleaner buses we work with battery, hybrid, and fuel-cell specialists. Our Fuel Cell Expert team is powerful.

If you want: Speed - Range - Reliability, try our motorbikes.

If you want: EV Program Financing we have $200,000,000 in financing available for electronic patrol, industrial and bus projects. Learn more at: www.synergyevfinancial.com

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