McClellan Air Logistics Center was officially added to the base closure list earlier this year. While this was viewed by many as an economic setback for the Sacramento region, there exist new opportunities that can considerably cushion this blow. Federal authorities
have expressed their intent to privatize the facilities at McClellan, as well as many of the jobs located on-base. SMUD views this as an opportunity to expand the efforts of the Sacramento Electric Transportation Consortium to attract more altemative fuel transportation-related business to Sacramento through the creation of an Advanced Transportation Business Development Center .

An Advanced Transportation Business Development Center based at McClellan Air Logistics Center and co-managed by SMUD will bring jobs to the Sacramento region and spur clean fuel transportation development in Northern California.
By forming partnerships with a wide array of experts and other interested parties, the SMUD / McClellan approach can consolidate vital interests under one umbrella and maximize pooled resources. SMUD and McClellan have already established mature and successful working relationships with universities, research organizations, grant funding programs, auto makers and many other private sector companies. We are best poised to launch this.


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