National Company presents line of clean vehicles

Danny Canales
Staff Writer-La Republica
May 29th, 2003

The national market considers a new line of clean transport, by the introduction of the firm Sinergia transport de Electricode Costa Rica that is marketing electric vehicles.

So far the company has offered two categories motor-scooters and small vehicles for golf and light loads, also is planning to import small buses and larger articulated buses.

The promoter for the company sales, Mauricio García, indicated that the introduction for this company was the result of 6 years of Costa Rica technical studies to bring a product that would be well adapted to the Costa Rica conditions.He added, that the main objective of the company is to find healthy solutions for the environment. For this reason the company specializes in importing
electronic technology.

The introduction of the new vehicles in Costa Rica is related to new laws decreed that will enable the government to relieve importing duties of clean vehicles.

Because this is a new technology, it present cost is
higher than that of conventional vehicles. Several other
governments aid electric producing vehicle companies
to promote their sales.

Aside from providing a clean environment, electric vehicles offer savings four times greater than gasoline
vehicles with the added advantage of being absolutely

If all factors are considered, for every Kilometer that
a gasoline vehicle travels it is expending an average
of ¢18.5,while an electric vehicle would expend ¢4.5, according to the technical research that the company has done.

The General Manager of Sinergia Transporte de Costa
Rica, Ricardo Saprissa, added that another strong point in Costa Rica is the fact that the country produces a large amount of electric power. He explained that Sinergia Transporte Electrico de Costa Rica works jointly with Synergy EV in the U.S. for the promotion of electric vehicle technology and corresponding scientific investigations.

All though the company, Sinergia, is celebrating the introduction in the National market, it has already placed
several of its products here and in conversation for further distribution.

For example, the tourist complex Los Suenos, in Herradura Bay aquired an airport tram to transport its guests, and also the University of Costa Rica is on schedule to acquire an electric bus.

In the line of heavy vehicles the company will introduce into this country the newly develop hybrid technology that works in a combination of LPG gas and electricity.

Aside from this the objective of the company is that while electric technology advances and new tests indicate that this technology can be adapted to the country, to importall aspects of the technology to Costa Rica.

The motorbikes and small er industrial vehicles are recharged in the same way in any domestic 110 volt outlet and some have a rangethat would exceed 50 kilometers (37 miles).

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