Robert Garzee -Chairman-

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Synergy EV, Inc. Bob founded Synergy EV as a California Corporation thirteen years ago. Garzee is the business architect of the Synergy Group and has arranged key projects for the company. He arranged for the State of California Parks grant and contract. He developed the “EV Spectrum” series at Berkeley in 96 which was expanded to the San Francisco and Los Angeles International Auto Show through 2000. Garzee also arranged for agreements with SMUD, SC Edison, LADWP, Alameda Bureau, PG & E. and Silicon Valley Power.

Garzee received his Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors Degree from California State University- Arcata. He joined IBM and spent thirteen years in Sales, Consulting and Management for their Computer Divisions. He developed two major software products for IBM and was a National Industry Consultant as well as Silicon Valley Marketing Manager. Bob left IBM to become the President of a five division distribution company which he built to $70,000,000 in sales.

Bob was involved with two start-up industry application software firms, as Chairman. His product engineering and application requirement skills were critical to the multi-media applications. His technical background has transferred Silicon Valley technology to the commercial transportation industry.

In 1991, when these companies were sold Bob made the transfer from computer technology to clean electric vehicle and product technology. His initial firm, Synergy EV Group developed a business plan to bring three EV firms together and create a multi-product EV Corporation. Based upon Synergy’s reputation, strategic alliances and business plan the company was purchased by U.S. Electricar and became a wholly owned subsidiary. Garzee repurchased his company from U.S. Electricar in 1996 and focused on electric and hybrid electric projects in Silicon Valley and Internationally.

In addition to his U.S. CEO responsibilities he has headed up the Costa Rican Technical Management team developing and securing different categories of electric and hybrid Patrol, Industrial, and Transit vehicles well-suited for the country of Costa Rica.

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