D.C. Greer -Director of Financing-

D.C. Greer is Vice President of Government Capital Corporation, a leader in the public finance industry.

With over 21 years experience in the finance industry, of which the last 16 years have been specifically involved in the public finance sector, he has successfully provided financing for equipment acquisitions for state and local governments across the United States. Targeted areas for public financing have been transportation, public education, public safety and emergency services, as well as other essential equipment needs of local and state governments.

A key issue in providing financing for electronic vehicles is understanding the EV market from a financial perspective and overcoming the perceived risk. Such understanding is essential to the successful implementation of financing programs that meet the unique needs of local and state governments. Because of his knowledge of and experience with the Alternative Fuel Industry, financing options are now offered to make electric vehicles more affordable.

Government Capital and D.C. greer did their first electric vehicle financing with Synergy EV ten years ago and require that Synergy EV personal be involved in their project funding.

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