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On April 14th, 2003 the Electric Cycle Company (TECC) of California, appointed Synergy EV, Inc. as the Exclusive Distributor and Sinergia Transporte Eléctrico de Costa Rica S.A. as their Primary Dealer for the Country of Costa Rica. Synergy EV met with the TECC President, and VP in Los Angeles before going to Costa Rica to announce the VIENTO product to the marketplace to insure everything was ready and make arrangements to ship the first of three bikes they purchased.

Sinergia showed the VIENTO to business people in Costa Rica and then on June 13 th , 2003 The Electric Cycle Company´s Dick Venn, VP of Marketing, sent an e-mail to Synergy EV, Inc and all other Dealers that TECC had ceased operations.

When returning to the United States Synergy EV and Sinergia´s Chairman had multiple meetings with the former management and investors in The Electric Cycle Company in an effort to help them restart the shipping. The TECC company did not provide Synergy EV with any documentation on why the Exclusive Distributor Contract for Costa Rica, or other dealers contracts, were no longer in force

On April 2 nd , 2004 Synergy EV and Sinergia Transporte Electrico SA announced their replacement for the discontinued VIENTO product in Costa Rica. It is the EVIS RL 300 Police Edition Electric Motorcycle with switch-out battery packs. much like a portable drill. The motorcycle looks like a gasoline one but uses only clean electricity makes no noise or pollution and will be helpful to keeping Costa Rica beautiful.

In their position of EVIS RL 300 exclusive Distributor and Primary Dealer they will be the only organizations approved to provide sales, parts, service and dealer licensing in the country of Costa Rica.

Synergy EV and Sinergia have already spent two years testing our prototype to the EVIS RL 300 Electric Motorcycle and have two people fully trained and their company is officially licensed to provide customers support, parts, and service from Costa Rica.

Based upon their six years of experience with electric vehicles in Costa Rica, to date, they see the EVIS model as a clean-air replacement for the courier bikes, police patrol, tourist motorbikes, hotel rentals, airport and university security, as well as basic personal local transportation. Robert Garzee, Synergy EV company Chairman believes this product will help keep Costa Rica beautiful and points out that the Viento uses only inexpensive electricity to travel up to a 40-mile range and accelerate to 45 MPH.
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