Columbia Bistro Express

The Bistro Express modular design delivers the features you need for your customers. Simply select the modules and accessories that best meet your needs. The CPCBE36 accommodates two modules and two accessories. For larger food and beverage service, the CPCBE60 allows up to four modules and three accessories.

Module Feature Specifications

- BE36 Bistro Express - Will fit on Columbia models EU4, GU4 and EU2400
- Ice bin/Cooler
- 72 - 12 oz. can storage capacity
- One inch urethane insulation
- Horizontal sliding doors
- Drain with open/close valve
- Hot Dogger/Steam table
- Full size hot Baine-Marie with two - 1/3 and two 1/6 pans
- Condiment rail
- Enclosed and vented propane hook-up with 7000 BTU burner and ten pound propane tank.

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