IT Dynasty
Tourist Cars

In Costa Rica for tourist to drive on resorts and beach cities.

2. Convertible top and open air viewing doors

3. Dimensions:

a. Length: 140 in (3566 mm)

b. With: 60 in (1524 mm)
c. Height: 63 in (1600 mm)

d. WheelBase: 90 in (2286 mm)
e. Curb Weight: 1450 lbs (633 Kg) (Sedan w/doors and glass)

4. Wheel and Ride:

a. Wheel Size: 13 inch (330)

b. Brake Type: Front Disc / Rear Drum
c. Park Drive: Mechanical / Rear Drum
d. Suspension: 4 Wheel / Independent, McPherson Struts (Front Suspension), Coil / Over Shock (Rear Suspension)

e. Road Speed: Up to 25 mph (40 kph)
f. Turf Speed: Up to 12 mph (20 kph)
g. Range: Up to 30 miles (50 kph)

5. Power System:

a. Traction Batteries: 6 X 12V Trojan 30 XH
b. DC-DC Converter: SPS Electronics
c. Motor Controller: Curtis
d. Electric Motor: 72 V Advanced DC (Re-Generative)
e. Charger: Zivan High Frequency 110 VAC


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