Columbia Expediter

The Columbia Expediter narrow design enables you to transport your tools through the "tight spots" and right up to the job site. The fold down seat back converts the Expediter into a convenient two-person transport. The Columbia Expediter is the working solution for your "on-demand" requirements.

Benefits Include:

- Direct-drive motor to transaxle. - No gears, belts or pulleys to replace or service.
- 128 inch diameter clearance circle.
- 16-gauge Cathodic Epoxy Electrocoat (E-Coat) steel body for added durability.
- 750 pound rated capacity.
- Convertible two person transport.
- Battery status indicator to assure proper use and care of batteries.
- Infinitely variable Solid State speed control for precision control.
- Horn, reverse warning buzzer and brake light for audible and visual safety alert.
- On-board battery charger for convenient charging.

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