Neighborhood Cars

Price $6,000.00

Choose from seven standard body colors or create your own identity with an optional, custom paint finish.

NEV Commuter meets U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Low-Speed Vehicles and California ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) Standards. 25 MPH top speed in overdrive mode. May qualify for 10% US Income Tax and other state tax credits. Consult your tax advisor for specific requirements pertinent to your situation.

Customizing options available:

Beaded Floormat
Rear Facing Seat with Foot Rest
& Golf Bag Rack
Glove/Security Box Carpet
Vinyl or Sunbrella Enclosures
Plus More - Contact Your

Select optional Dealer installed bolstered seats of marine grade vinyl or plush upholstery for your personal comfort.

Information on Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) and Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) changes often, for vehicle details and specifications, please contact us.

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