Columbia StockChaser

Productivity. Efficiency. Cost effectiveness. You need to move materials quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. Columbia ParCar designed the StockChaser to meet your material handling needs.

Benefits Include:

- Direct-drive motor to transaxle. No gears, belts or pulleys to replace or service.
- Narrow body design for easy maneuverability in tight areas.
16-gauge Cathodic Epoxy Electrocoat (E-Coat) steel body for added durability.
- 1,000 pound rated capacity.
- Brake and accelerator on single foot treadle ensures safe operation.
- Battery status indicator to assure proper use and care of batteries.
- Infinitely variable Solid State speed control for precision control.
- Horn and reverse warning buzzer for audible safety alert.
- On-board battery charger for convenient charging.

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