Columbia Utilitruck

Utility Truck EU2400XBThe EU2400 Utilitruck features a 36 inch cargo bed. For larger cargo needs, the EU2400XB Utilitruck is equipped with a 60 inch cargo bed. The Utilitruck rear axle is centered under the cargo bed platform for maximum safety and stability. Utilitrucks feature generous cargo capacities of 12.5 and 20.5 cubic feet with optional sides and tailgate.

Benefits Include:

- Safety Directional Keyswitch eliminates confusing shift levers.
- Narrow body design for easy maneuverability in tight areas.
- 14-gauge Cathodic Epoxy Electrocoat (E-Coat) steel rear body for added durability.
- Independent body and chassis design eliminates structural damage from collisions.
- Hydraulic drum brakes for added safety.
- Horn and reverse warning buzzer for audible safety alert.
- Battery status indicator to assure proper use and care of batteries.
- Convenient underseat charge system ensures venting of hazardous hydrogen gas when recharging.
- 2,400 pound rated capacity.

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