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Moscone Center - 500,000 attended
November 25 - December 5
1999 - Sponsor PG+E

Floor Specialists:

Daki Venetoulis, Gavin Garzee, Sean Garzee, John Atkinson, Dan Belveal, George Kladnik, Bruce Severence, Ken O'neal, Nancy O'neal, Mauricio García, Alice Tobriner.

Manufacturers Presented:

Columbia Par Car.
Toyota Industrial.
and others

Our principals are focused on successfully implementing electronic vehicle (EV) projects where they make the most operational and financial sence. Our 50 years of collective EV experience includes, vehicle design, franchising, trining, manufacturing, batteries, charging, motors, sales, dealerships, utility partnerships, international conferences, financing, grant writing, insurance, public operations and maintenance. This is our education module.

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