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Electronic Vehicles in California State Parks

Flatbed EV:

Improved Suspension.
Larger Cab Space.
Increased Load Capacity.
Special Truck Bed.
Better Hill Climbing.

California State Parks:

Synergy EV developed a successful Bay Area Air Quality Management grant that allowed Synergy to be selected as the sole source provider of commercial electronic trucks to the California State Parks Department in the Fall of 1997.

Working with the Parks Department and the Air District, Synergy studied the needs of the Park Rangers, designed and had built one of a kind electronic flatbed and delivery truck that were delivered to Candlestick Point Park in San Francisco for further ranger testing.

This is the initial phase of a pilot project to introduce purpose built zero emission, quiet, reliable commercial vehicles into the State Parks system with ranger support.

Manufacturers of the vehicles will work closely with rangers, mechanics and adminitrators to customize the Parks Department specific needs for off-road vehicles and these specifications will be incorporated into the design of future vehicles for parks throughout California.

After testing, additional units will be ordered under the grant. Synergy EV, Inc. now works with Columbia Par Car.

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