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Synergy EV, Helps the Children of Cocal
in Costa Rica:

On September 2003, Synergy EV went to Costa Rica and showed their support to the children of Cocal, located near Golfito.

The CEO and Chairman Mr. Robert Garzee brought the boys of Cocal a little joy, and gave 22 kids the opportunity to have their own Soccer Uniforms.

With the legend "Say No to Drugs", happy faces combined with team pride, Synergy EV gave an example of how to protect children from drugs, because these are our future generations.

At Synergy EV we care for the environment, and also the most important assets of all, our children.

Robert Garzee gave Mr. Walter, a local Teacher, the Soccer Uniforms
Robert Garzee and player David, showing the Uniform with the Viento Motorbike
David, a local boy with Soccer Uniform, it reads "Say no to Drugs"
Stephanie a Wyama indian girl showing off the Viento Motorbike

"Garzee cheers Cocal Team on to Win"


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