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May 28th, 2003

On Wednesday 28th, 2003 at 2:00 PM Sinergia Transporte Eléctrico SA, a specialist in electronic vehicles in Costa Rica for 7 years, will announce their twelve (12) electronic products that are exclusive to them to "Help Costa Rica to remain beautiful".

The Hotel Villa Tournon has been chosen to be the site of the Press Conference, announcement of the electronic vehicle products and demonstration of the new, 2 year tested in Costa Rica, electronic motor bike. Twenty five cents of electricity makes this bike accelerate to 30 miles an hour in 6 seconds and run for 50 miles with no pollution and no expensive gasoline.

Other products being announced was the electronic shuttles, trolleys, transit buses (new or converted to electronic) articulated buses (new or converted to electronic) small trucks, and airport trams.

General Manager Ricardo Saprissa and Technical Manager Mauricio García will invite interested parties to attend the one hour meeting, conference and demonstration at the Villa Tournon Hotel.

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