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The Environmental Business Cluster (EBC) of Silicon Valley and one of it’s members are involved in a project that matches the electronic NEEDS of the Vehicle Industry with the technology SOLUTIONS of Silicon Valley. The project has been named "T Squared" for Transfer of Technology to Transportation.

The result is that California would be able to (a) leverage one of it's greatest resources (Silicon Valley technology results) and (b) strongly assist world wide vehicle manufacturers with the electronics and software that will lead to cleaner more efficient transportation. This "match-up" approach allows for quicker and less expensive progress than to have the auto, bus and truck industry develop all their own new electronic technologies for their vehicles.

Silicon Valley computer and communication products have many of the same challenges that alternative fuel vehicles are faced with: battery life, weight reduction, overheating, energy management, system interconnectivity, decision logic, illumination, video displays, data logging, telemetry and energy efficiency. Silicon Valley Technology can provide electronics solutions that work and since they are already developed for another market are already very well tested and price competitive.

The "T Squared" project is underway with a Electronics - Vehicle Program Manager, a Silicon Valley Engineering Manager, a Vehicle-Needs Manager, an Engineering Technician, and both the Environmental Business Cluster Director and Managing Director. The project has been in progress since September of 2003 and many of the Needs/Solutions identified. The conclusion of the project will result in bringing jobs to California through an Electronics Transportation Development Center envisioned for San Jose. The demonstration transit bus will be a mobile showroom to illustrate how these Silicon Valley technologies can be used effectively.

According to Synergy EV, Inc, the Team leader, the "T-Squared" study currently indicates that Transportation NEEDS fall into Propulsion, Velocity Control, Vehicle Sub-systems, Occupant Interface, and External Systems, with twenty separate activities among those categories. Seventy-two Silicon Valley technical SOLUTIONS matching up to the needs have been identified. Both Energy/Environmental and Homeland Security applications are being targeted.

The team has access to $200,000,000 in financing for realistic and creative hybrid and electronic products. Temporary facilities are also available at the EBC in the center of Silicon Valley for multiple contributing or interfacing vehicle companies and the Phase One Electronics Transportation Development Center.

While the project moves forward contacts are being made with Governor Schwarzenneger’s office, multiple Californian Congressman, the California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board, the San Jose City Managers Office and American Lung Association for further support.


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