Synergy EV, a thirteen year experienced California corporation dedicated to commercial Electronic Vehicles (EV) implementation and technology development. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley where we can use our experience and location to help our customers solve their Patrol, Industrial and Transit problems with the very best of technology and manufacturing partners.

Synergy EV has focused on cities, universities, utilities,
law enforcement, parks, and transit authorities and been involved with EV projects involving battery-only, turbine, and fuel cell propulsion vehicles.To date we have been involved in the placement of 52 electric or hybrid buses and have educated over 2,000,000 attendees at our international EV Spectrums tm.

Synergy has a history of understanding an organizations vehicle needs and then designing, locating and managing the right Electronic Vehicles to get the customers job done. We do not recommend from a single inventory we look at the best products and recommend those that best fit your specific operational needs.

We have arranged for $200,000,000 in EV financing that allows the qualified customer to combine their vehicle, battery, charger/changer, training, maintenance, future upgrades, and program management together and spread the project cost over 7 to 10 years.

Sinergia Transporte Eléctrico S.A. hosted the president of Cost Rica and his cabinet to the U.S. in 1997 to help them better understand how EV's could help Costa Rica. In return, Sinergia was invited to Costa Rica to help the countries EV implementation working with Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, S.A. (the electric utility). Since then Sinergia has been active in Costa Rica doing EV testing, program management, training, and maintenance.In May of 2003 Sinergia announced
12 electric vehicle products ( Buses, trucks, industrial and patrol) especially hand-picked for Costa Rica transportation applications.


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